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Corner of ShameEdit

Welcome to the corner of shame, where we immortalize the failings of our (or better yet, others) past.


Add links to pastbins of really bad folders you've found, include a note or joke about it.

Tterraj42 MMBN 1 Folder (totally legit, I promise) ~

Navi CustEdit

Take a picture of the navi cust (either irl, or an emulator recreation) and say what all was in it (imgur or other picture hosting site recommended)

Rockman.EXE 4 Tournament Red Sun cart I bought from eBay ~MHFsilver

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon cart I bought from eBay. This guy clearly didn't understand max stats because he put a buster pack with two atk+1's and two chrg+1's ~Cheeseandcereal


Add links to the best highlights of failing here! (in b 4 90% sunset)

What happens when you don't know the Gregar strats ~ Cheeseandcereal

Punching Forward is hard ~ Cheeseandcereal


Add any other failings here.

Kind of random but HERE is the rest of the stuff that was on the BN4 Blue Moon Cart I got off eBay (same as the one in the NaviCust section). ~Cheeseandcereal

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