Like most games, the Battle Network and Star Force games are far from glitch free and this page is dedicated to teaching you about the glitches that occur in gameplay. Some can be simply found via playing, others you might have to do something to activate them.

Mega Man Battle NetworkEdit

Life Virus Skip or LV skip as we call it, is a glitch in the original BN game where your chip folder is given priority over cutscenes. This glitch was overlooked by the dev team probably due to the fact that to overwrite a cutscene, you'd have to pause on a frame which to some may seem impossible. To do this, you must pause on the frame a cutscene would start. The cutscene cannot contain Mega Man's position being changed which makes this glitch only useful in some situations like the Polar Bear viruses in the Water Works comps and the Life Virus itself. Once paused, you just need to open your chip folder then back out, if the screen is black then the game is currently trying to load the cutscene but it can't until you leave the menu. Do not press B but press A to access yoru chip folder once again, this in turns replaces the cutscene with your chip folder, after this you can just fully back out. Using this against the Life Virus skips the cutscene before the fight which actual just leads into the fight and since the cutscene gets skipped, the game won't take you into the fight, thus skipping it.

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