Mega Man Battle Network 3

MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue Version Coverart

Mmbn3 white

American Box Arts
Developer(s) Capcom
Genre(s) Real Time Tactical Role Playing
Release Dates June 24, 2003 (NA)
Platform(s) GBA
Current WR Time Blue: 3:09:35 by Tterraj42

White: 3:05:43 by Mountebank


I hate Wind *. I hate Yo-Yo1 G. I hate IceBall M. Elemental Slash is hard. Muramasa OP. Grape Soda <3. GotWood. #BlameKilios. Speed running MMBN 3 in a nutshell.

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Version DifferencesEdit

The versions have different shops and different fixed encounters. It's hard to say, but the differences about equal out. The fastest version though, is the original EXE 3. This is due to a bug (oversight?) that allows you to skip CopyMan and go straight to MistMan, saving around 4 minutes.


  • ACDC 2 Shop has 3 Bubble E chips for 600z each
  • ACDC Square Shop has 3 Invis * chips for 600z each
  • Beach Square Shop has VarSword D for 10000z
  • The Rank #2 Navi is BowlMan, who is relatively easy.
  • Wily's Hideout is filled with Grape Soda. I love Grape Soda.


  • ACDC 2 Shop has 3 HeatShot B chips for 800z each
  • ACDC Square Shop has 3 GrassStage * chips for 1000z each
  • Scilab Square Shop has 3 RockCube * chips for 500z each
  • Yoka Square Shop has Yo-Yo1 G for 3000z
  • Undernet Square Shop has VarSword E for 8000z and FullCust * for 5000z
  • Undernet 4 Shop has VarSword D for 10000z
  • The Rank #2 Navi is MistMan, who sucks.
  • Wily's Hideout is filled with putrid waste. I hate putrid waste.

Stuff To KnowEdit

This game is long. Your first run will be around 5 hours (or more). This game has several points of RNG that can flat out end a run (namely the required chip drops).

Your ability to run from (and sneak from) fights is based strictly on your max base HP (so navi customizer programs won't help). In the run, we typically have just enough HP to run, so if you miss *any* HPMemory, you won't be able to run ((in one turn, it will take two) Alternatively, manip the gambling minigame to get MoMoney and sneak everywhere!!).

VarSwrd and GutsStrgt have special attacks that are activated by holding A and entering the following codes. Practice these.


  • Elemental Slash: B - B - Left - Down - Up (E Z Every Time)
  • Life Sword: Down - Left - Up - Right - Down
  • Hero Sword: Left - Down - Right
  • Tri Slash: Left - B - Right - B (AKA scrub strats)


  • Pawnch! B - B - Down - Left - Right - B
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