Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X
CXNewHost 1280x1024
Developer(s) MD Productions
Genre(s) Real Time Tactical Role Playing
Release Dates N/A
Platform(s) PC
Current WR Time N/A


Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X is a fan game released by MD Productions Team, the game is currently released as a playable demo. The game can be downloaded here for free.

ChronoX is a proper sequel, unlike previous Battle Network games in that it takes place 1 year after the events of 6 and references the game multiple times. The game has unique virus's, navi's, sprites and chips in addition to things found in older games. In addition, and much to my speed-running dismay, Counter Hits were given a tighter timing window than most of the GBA games at fan request. This may make the early game harder, but thankfully you get a BN6 style folder with 4mb 60 damage Crack Shots which you can Reg right off the start of the game.

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