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Full leaderboards are kept here:

Mega Man Leaderboards

Game Category Runner Time
Mega Man Battle Network Any% (RTA) Dalus_exe 1:20:58
Mega Man Battle Network 2 Any% (RTA) Keizaron 2:09:01
No Major Glitches Keizaron 2:12:17
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Any% (RTA) Blue Tterraj42 3:09:35
Any% (RTA) White Mountebank 3:05:43
Alpha Omega xKilios 19:53:36 pt 1 2
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Any% (RTA) Red Sun KyrieZea 2:47:34
Any% JP Braster 2:10:49
Any% (RTA) Blue Moon KyrieZea 2:41:41
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Any% (RTA) Protoman luckytyphlosion 4:03:29
Any% (RTA) Colonel Tterraj42 4:06:43
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Any% (RTA) Gregar Erothaur 2:18:06
Any% (RTA) Falzar Erothaur 2:26:31
Mega Man Network Transmission Any% (RTA) plum 57:43
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge Any% (RTA) NG+ Tterraj42 2:35:38
Any% (RTA) RatFunk 3:55:38
Rockman EXE WS Any% (RTA) lil_fatkid 13:09
Mega Man Star Force Any% Console (RTA) nopan 2:59:17
Mega Man Star Force 2 Any% Console (RTA) No Wavecommands plum 2:50:44
Any% Console (RTA) Kei 1:56:36 pt 1 2
Mega Man Star Force 3 Any% Console (RTA) No Kaizou Gear xKilios 2:49:37
Any% Console (RTA) Kaizou Gear Kei 2:19:02
Racing Guides
Game Category Video
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Delete FlashMan (RTA)
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Delete BlastMan (RTA)
Miscellaneous Pages

These are all the pages on the Wiki that aren't necessarily related to any single game in particular:


TeamBN is an awesome community consisting of people that speedrun the Mega Man Battle Network (and Starforce) series! We have a list of the TeamBN members on our wiki on this TeamBN page. We have a community twitch channel that is live every Friday at 7pm EST where a lot of the TeamBN members show up every week. On this channel, we try to do interesting Battle Network streams each week so stop on by to see what we're up to! Keyword being try. You can follow TeamBN on Twitter HERE where we will tweet updates about the team and who's streaming at what times etc. TeamBN now also has their own team on Twitch here.


If you want to speedrun the Battle Network series or just talk with the runners, join the TeamBN Discord

Speed Runs Live Racing Acronym

To race battle network on the SRL IRC, use the following acronyms. Different versions have different 'goals'. For example, mmbn4 has the goals: "Blue Moon Any%", "Red Sun Any%", BN5 has "Team Colonel Any%", "Double Team DS Any%", etc. All acronyms are decided by the ops on SRL, not us.

  • mmbn1
  • mmbn2
  • mmbn3
  • mmbn4
  • rmexero (4.5 aka Real Operation)
  • mmbn5 (even DS version)
  • mmbn6
  • mmbcc (Battle Chip Challenge)
  • rmexews (RockMan EXE WS)
  • mmnt (Network Transmission)
  • mmbnhacks (Chrono X and such)
Cool Box Covers Just Because
Megamanbattlenetwork boxshot
Mega Man Battle Network 2 Coverart
MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue Version Coverart
BN4 Red Sun
250px-Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman Boxart
929992 73922 front

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