I wanted to put a picture on this page so I decided to go with this poster I made

Here are some useful resources for you Twitch Bio if you wish to use them. I (cheeseandcereal) took like 3 hours to make my Bio so hopefully with these resources it won't take so long ;)

TeamBN Member ListEdit

For the TeamBN Member list, we are putting THIS picture in a panel and linking it to the TeamBN page on this wiki (

SRL BannersEdit

Here are some links to custom SRL (SpeedRunsLive) banners that have been custom made and outfitted with megaman so you can promote SRL while still using Megaman swag!

An album containing all of the following SRL Banners is HERE for quick browsing.

(First six courtesy of MHFsilver and last one courtesy of cheeseandcereal)

Miscellaneous PicturesEdit

You can go HERE then go to images to find cool Megaman Battle Network Pictures to add to your twitch bio to add some flavor. Now here are some miscellaneous pictures related to TeamBN or this RTA Wiki so you can promote them in your twitch bio.

All of the pictures below (that are in this category) are in the album HERE for quick browsing. Full size RTA Wiki Logo (With Transparent Background), be careful when putting this on top of lighter backgrounds as it may not look good. Either put on darker backgrounds or outline with black. (courtesy of cheeseandcereal) This is a Megaman Battle Network RTA Wiki promotional picture (courtesy of MHFsilver) This is a Megaman Battle Network RTA Wiki promotional banner (simpler than the promotional picture above) (courtesy of MHFsilver) This is a "Rules" banner featuring Megaman and Lan (courtesy of MHFsilver) This is a "Donate" banner featuring Megaman (Battle Network) and Megaman (Geo) (courtesy of MHFsilver) This is a "PBS AND WRS" banner featuring Omega-Xis and Geo (courtesy of MHFsilver) This is a TeamBN poster (Megaman Battle Network Style) (courtesy of cheeseandcereal) This is the same TeamBN poster, except Megaman Geo Style (courtesy of cheeseandcereal) This is the same TeamBN poster, except Uncle Sam Style (courtesy of cheeseandcereal) Here is the same Star Force TeamBN poster as above but with a background.(courtesy of MHFsilver) Here are some banners like the SRL banners but for SDA (SpeedDemosArchive) (courtesy of MHFsilver)

Custom EmotesEdit

If you want the custom icons that most TeamBN members have by using FrankerFaceZ, then click HERE and request the TeamBN icons for your channel. This is a picture containing the 13 standard TeamBN icons that you can get through FrankerFaceZ. You can put this picture in your bio to show what custom emotes you have in your chat and how to install FrankerFaceZ to be able to use them. (courtesy of cheeseandcereal)

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